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Navigating crises with confidence

Key elements leaders must consider in crisis management

Gallagher Bassett New Zealand reflected on the significance of crisis readiness on the first anniversary of the devastating Cyclone Gabrielle. Chief executive Craig Furness said building knowledge within organisations was a key les...


IBANZ - July to December 2024 Topics

July to December 2024 topics Contract Works - John Rigby -  Ando NZ Economic Outlook - Brad Olsen -  Infometrics Time saving online tools to be more productive - Leanne Coste -  Better...


IBANZ Calendar of Events

April - June 2024

IBANZ offers a range of CPD from quality presenters who specialise in providing a variety of fire and general presentations, as well as a selection on soft skills ranging from time management to client care. All webinars: 10.30 -...

Ask an Expert

Property damage problem

QUESTION Hi team, In the past, we have had claims declined because the allegation against our client didn't include actual property damage (even though there may have been some). This time, a claim has been declined...

A Year in Review

Tenant cracks stove top

QUESTION Hi Team, I have had a client who is renting a property. A pot was dropped on the ceramic stove top leading to a chip. This has now grown into a crack and the landlord would like the top replaced. The...

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Subsidence dispute

QUESTION Hi, The insuring clause of a policy covers any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage caused by; (f) subsidence, landslip, rockslide or any other movement. The same policy excludes - loss or...

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Body corp bother

QUESTION Hi Crossley, In respect of a body corporate, are we required to ask each unit owner whether they have adverse history to declare, as they are effectively an interested party of the body corporate, rather than the...

Ask an Expert

Can a driver force another to claim?

QUESTION Hello Two vehicles are involved in a motor accident.  Insured 1 was reversing their vehicle and hit a parked and unoccupied vehicle belonging to Insured 2. Both vehicle owners have fully comprehensive...

FSCL Case Study

Underinsured when a cyclone struck

In 2012 Henry* bought his first house and asked an insurance broker to arrange house insurance. The broker corresponded with Henry using his work email address, but the email address on the insurance application form was different....

IFSO Case Study

Business or displeasure?

The declined claim In June 2023, Graham’s* vehicle broke down on the motorway and was then hit from behind by another vehicle.  Graham made a claim to his insurer, but the insurer declined the claim and avoided the...

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