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Can a driver force another to claim?

QUESTION Hello Two vehicles are involved in a motor accident.  Insured 1 was reversing their vehicle and hit a parked and unoccupied vehicle belonging to Insured 2. Both vehicle owners have fully comprehensive...

IFSO Case Study

Business or displeasure?

The declined claim In June 2023, Graham’s* vehicle broke down on the motorway and was then hit from behind by another vehicle.  Graham made a claim to his insurer, but the insurer declined the claim and avoided the ...

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Hose clamp causes chaos

QUESTION... A client had a hose clamp come off an air hose causing the trailer to lose air pressure and the brakes to jam on causing the tyres to lock up and creating flat spots - 12 tyres were damaged. The relevant section of...

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Vehicle stolen on the job

QUESTION... Hi all, Would love your thoughts on a current claim we have had a declinature on. Our client has arrived at their work site where they have parked across the driveway due to a Ute and trailer being parked in...

FSCL Case Study

Loose bolts cause dispute

Iris* works for a mining company that has a commercial motor vehicle insurance policy with the insurer. Iris regularly operates the company’s excavators. In August 2022, a mechanic came to the company’s site to repair...

IFSO Case Study

Flood-damaged car not fully covered

When Rawiri’s* car was damaged in the Auckland floods, he thought he would be fully covered, having arranged car insurance with an agreed value of $19,000 just a year earlier. However, when Rawiri made his insurance claim,...


Repairhub launches apprenticeship programme

Repairhub, AMI, State, and NZI's specialist vehicle repair centre, has launched an apprenticeship programme to attract new talent to the industry.  “The collision repair industry as a whole has been struggling to...

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Reasonable care clash

Question: I have had a motor vehicle claim declined due to the driver breaching the reasonable care condition of the policy. The policy states - 2.4 Reasonable care The Insured must take all reasonable steps...

IFSO Case Study

Grieving son duped on TradeMe

Mr P held third party, fire and theft cover on his motorhome. In 2021, Mr P died and his son, Mr G, received his motorhome. Mr G changed the registration of the motorhome into his name. He also listed the motorhome on TradeMe, and...

FSCL Case Study

Communication goes both ways

In December 2020, Mike* asked his insurance adviser to arrange cover for a new car (“car A”) under his business insurance policy. The adviser replied asking Mike to confirm some details. Mike did not reply to the email, but...

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