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Pastoral Care in Education

What is education? E ducation is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.  Methods can include teaching, training, storytelling, discussion, directed...

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Here’s how to burst your bubble

Going back to ‘normal’ may not be as easy as you expect By Rod Severn

I need to practice social distancing…from my refrigerator! Here at the Professional IQ College we used to only worry about Level 5. Now we have a whole new range of levels to be concerned about.  Still, most o...

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What are ethics?

By Rod Severn

When we talk about “ethics” we are referring to a philosophy of dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and...

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Expectation versus reality of distance learning

To a certain extent we all have expectations about future events or occurrences which are in part formed by our beliefs and experiences.  If you have not studied by distance learning before you may have some unreal...

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Top broker ‘not a salesperson’

This year’s Women in Insurance Broker of the Year winner, Faith Owens from Br...

How did you come to be a broker?  I started my career working for AA Insurance in Penrose many years ago, and then carried on working in insurance in London in the early 2000s. This included a stint at loss adjusting...

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The Value of Education

The financial services sector has been overwhelmed lately with legislative change, tightening, loosening and then tightening of regulatory lending policies, housing boom bust cycles and now FSLAA, the code of conduct, insurance contract...

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The real facts about competency

We have been approached by a number of members recently to clarify what will be acceptable to meet the forthcoming code of conduct for financial advisers. The difficulty is that the new code is yet to be published, although we...

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Have you ever thought about becoming a Professi...

There is a lot happening in the financial services sector in 2019 and the college is increasing its team of assessors to meet demand for the revised New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services Level 5 driven in part by the changes to...

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Code of conduct coming for advisers

Do you know what the new Code of Professional Conduct will mean for you? If not, call Sylvia on 09 306 1737 or email   Professional IQ College is NZQA-accredited to deliver the New Zealand...

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Brush up your knowledge

Professional IQ College is pleased to announce the availability of two short videos about the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5). Find out how you can earn a CPD point by watching these videos for free while...

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Plan now for the future

A new Code of Professional Conduct is being developed. What will it mean for you? This new code will specify minimum standards of competency, knowledge and skill for people working in the insurance and financial services...

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Annual survey of student satisfaction

Measuring student satisfaction is very important to staff at the Professional IQ College. This is one way that we know we are meeting student expectations.  During 2017 we asked graduates of the NZQA programmes to give us feedback...


Next best thing to fees-free studies

Next best thing to fees-free studies You may have heard that the Government announced fees-free tertiary education and training for all New Zealand students who finish school in 2017, or will finish school during 2018. They...

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