The team at Benefitz has been working with IBANZ and preceding organisations for over 30 years to produce the quarterly issues of Covernote. Our longevity publishing the magazine is something we are very proud of. We have set the foundations for the magazine to stay relevant to the industry for a long time into the future.

CoverNote MEDIA KIT 2024


CoverNote Magazine

The insurance professionals’ magazine

Written and edited by professionals for professionals, to inform, educate and stimulate debate within the industry and the wider business community. CoverNote aims to build and maintain a strong community of interest in the professional insurance sector and represent the sector as a positive influence in the business community, working with businesses to provide optimum solutions around risk management. Good risk management is fundamental to business success.


CoverNote Live

CovernoteLive - the innovative online version of the magazine, over 28,000 page hits.

It is no secret that the way the world is communicating is changing. Marketers now see the online world as an essential part of the mix, so that is something we are have responded to with the launch of CoverNoteLive in 2023. This marketing tool has secured CoverNote's future as a combination of the valued printed magazine and the innovative online magazine.

CoverNote delivers industry information and news via multiple platforms which all complement each another. We offer innovative advertising packages across all platforms which includes: print adverts, advertorials, online adverts, targeted digital mail outs and social media. This is the most comprehensive way to reach the industry.

It’s new, it’s innovative and has been proudly developed and built by the team at Benefitz.










Liz Cannon

CoverNote magazine & CoverNoteLive


Phone: 021 204 3395

Published by Benefitz. CoverNote is published quarterly for the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ).


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