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Covered by the EQC?

QUESTION The local hospice has a stand-alone dwelling on the grounds of the hospice which is used by relatives of patients for short-term stays. Multiple parties use the dwelling over the course of the year and for some periods ...

IFSO Case Study

Covid travel dispute settled

In January 2020, Mr B arranged cover for a trip to Bali, between 5 April 2020 and 17 April 2020.  In February 2020, Mr B cancelled the trip, due to the outbreak of Covid-19.  Mr B made a claim to the insurer for reim...

IFSO Case Study

Storm claim upheld

Mr and Mrs A had cover for their house with the insurer. In January 2018, a significant storm event caused damage to the house. A couple of weeks later, a toilet at the house overflowed, associated with the cleaning of the septic tank a...

FSCL Case Study

Cancer not a pre-existing condition

A woman had suffered from indigestion for years and had, from time to time, taken prescription medication to relieve the symptoms. In November 2019, she went to her doctor because she was experiencing heartburn and pain on her...

FSCL Case Study

Bahamas blunder

In November 2019, a woman booked a trip to the Bahamas. She was scheduled to fly from New Zealand to Houston on 12 April 2020, and then onwards to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. The following day, she would fly from Nassau to...

FSCL Case Study

Insurer wins out on handbag dispute

A couple were travelling by train through Europe. In a crowded train station, they needed to transfer trains and the woman accidentally left her handbag on the luggage rack. They did not realise she had lost her handbag until they...

IFSO Case Study

Stolen watch disappointment

A couple arranged for contents insurance through their bank. Two years later, a bank employee telephoned the insurer on behalf of the woman, inquiring about specifying a lady’s watch. During this telephone discussion,...

IFSO Case Study

Caught out by carpet excess

The insured held insurance on her house.  In April 2019, she made a claim to the insurer, because her dog had vomited and had diarrhoea, damaging the carpet at the house over the course of a day.  The insurer...

FSCL Case Study

Pandemic problems

In March 2020,  a couple were overseas in the United Kingdom when they heard the call from the New Zealand government to return home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although they were intending to travel home on April 6, 2020, they...

FSCL Case Study

Value for money?

The insured bought his first car from a motor vehicle dealer for $8500. The dealer, acting as a agent for the lender, arranged the loan and included both mechanical breakdown insurance and guaranteed asset protection insurance without...

FSCL Case Study

No cover in place

A woman bought a new house in 2018. She asked her insurance broker to arrange home and contents insurance for the property. When she filled out the application form, she omitted a few details about locks and the alarm system...


Insurer remedies for fraudulent claims

by Andrew Horne and Nick Frith

In its recent decision in  Taylor v Asteron Life Ltd, the Court of Appeal discusses the fraudulent claims rule – the first time that this rule has been considered in any detail by an appellate court in New Zealand. The...

IFSO Case Study

Recovery of excess

A man held insurance on his vehicle. In November 2018, he  discovered that the vehicle was “coated in a lime-type, concrete residue”. The vehicle had been parked in the carpark in his apartment building. ...

IFSO Case Study

Covid-19 puts end to trip

In October 2019, a couple arranged cover for a trip between March 13 and April 1, 2020, including a cruise to parts of South America, together with the Falkland Islands and Antarctica.  On March  13, 2020, they left on...

FSCL Case Study

Theft from a vehicle

Two friends were travelling overseas in a small hatchback car when they parked outside a service station to use the bathroom.  They left all their luggage in the back of the car, two daypacks in the back seat, and one man left...

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