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Covered by the EQC?

QUESTION The local hospice has a stand-alone dwelling on the grounds of the hospice which is used by relatives of patients for short-term stays. Multiple parties use the dwelling over the course of the year and for some periods ...

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Solar struggle

QUESTION The claimant was engaged by a TP to install a solar array on the roof of their home.  The insured is a solar installation company. The company made an inspection of the internal roof void but only identified...

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Tenant breaches warranty

QUESTION If a tenant breaches a warranty under a material damage policy which gives rise to a claim, will the landlords’ policy still respond? Providing that the landlord has provided the tenant with a copy of the w...

IFSO Case Study

Storm claim upheld

Mr and Mrs A had cover for their house with the insurer. In January 2018, a significant storm event caused damage to the house. A couple of weeks later, a toilet at the house overflowed, associated with the cleaning of the septic tank...

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Insurers changing position

Question... We have had several instances recently where insurers have advised that a claim has been accepted, and we have notified our client, and then a little way down the track, they have reversed that decision, having...

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Backtracking on settlement

Question... We have a claim ongoing at the moment where an insurer has backtracked on their settlement offer and refusing to honour what they originally offered. A client's TV was damaged and a claim was lodged and...

IFSO Case Study

Caught out by carpet excess

The insured held insurance on her house.  In April 2019, she made a claim to the insurer, because her dog had vomited and had diarrhoea, damaging the carpet at the house over the course of a day.  The insurer...

FSCL Case Study

No cover in place

A woman bought a new house in 2018. She asked her insurance broker to arrange home and contents insurance for the property. When she filled out the application form, she omitted a few details about locks and the alarm system...


What you can expect in insurance in 2021

By Craig Furness Managing director of Gallagher Bassett in New Zealand.

A crisis like Covid-19 affects all business sectors. For insurance, the demand to deliver tailored solutions across multiple service lines on a local, national and global scale has certainly increased. The cataclysmic shifts of...


Northland storm costs insurers $37m

Preliminary figures released by the Insurance Council of New Zealand reaffirm the extent of damage the July Northland floods left behind. There has been $37 million paid to date by insurers to support their customers' recovery....

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Tenants and carpet

Question... A tap was left on in a commercial building. Flooding caused saturated carpets and damage to walls and skirting boards. The LA is suggesting split the cost 50/50 as the tenant is responsible for the carpet per...

IFSO Case Study

When the cracks begin to show

The Fair Insurance Code was developed by the Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) and applies to all ICNZ members. It encourages good conduct and professionalism and describes how the relationship between insurers and their customers...


Insurers tackle Covid-19

Fewer claims, more hardship – insurance companies navigating pandemic are in ...

Insurers are used to crises: earthquakes, floods, fires and accidents. But this year’s pandemic has thrown a new set of challenges at New Zealand’s insurance industry. Insurers have had to grapple with the...

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What counts as ‘internal’?

Question: We have a situation with a leak under the driveway within a residential property. Under the home definition the driveway is included as long as it is within residential boundaries. The client has a leak...

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Timing concerns

Question: We are looking at changing general liability providers for a plumbing business. There are no known claims or circumstances likely to give rise to a claim. Due to the nature of the plumbing industry and the...

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