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FSCL Case Study

Insurance lapses – who is responsible?

An insured is unaware his policy has lapsed because his insurance broker sent...

In December 2016 the insured purchased two motorbikes from a dealer who arranged insurance through a broker. He paid the annual insurance premiums for both bikes in one lump sum. In March 2017 both bikes were stolen from a secure garage...

FSCL Case Study

“At least I have lease cover, right?”

The insured contacted her broker to ask whether she had cover to lease a truck when her truck was written off after an accident. The broker told her she had lease cover, however it later transpired she did not. The accident ...


Insurers and Privacy Act Requests

Insurers have experienced a recent surge in Privacy Act requests from homeown...

What may insureds ask for? Insureds who are natural persons (companies have no such rights) are entitled to access their “personal information” held by insurers on request, without giving a reason. There is no particu...

A Year in Review

Eye on Expansion

By Roger Abel, Managing Director, Rothbury

What has the last year been like? It’s been a very good year for Rothbury and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved. We’ve continued to grow as a business and innovate. While it’s been a year of...

A Year in Review

Year of change for Vero

A Year in Review - Vero

What's the year been like for Suncorp New Zealand?   2017 was a challenging year for the industry due to cyclones and the response to the Kaikoura earthquake, but it was also a year of change. We’ve embraced new...

A Year in Review

Change at the top

The Year in Review - NZI

There are very few people who have the experience and passion for insurance of NZI’s acting executive general manager Karl Armstrong. Having led the NZI team between 2008 and 2014, Armstrong brings a wealth of knowledge and...

A Year in Review

A 12 month view of the New Zealand risk landscape

By Marcus Pearson, Country Head, Marsh New Zealand

It has been 12 months since I arrived in New Zealand to take up the role of Country Head for Marsh. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, getting to know the local business landscape and talking to clients, insurers and, of...


What’s changing in cyber security?

Confronting the “number one problem with mankind”

Earlier this year, at the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders' meeting, Warren Buffett said he believes cyber issues are “the number one problem with mankind” – ranking them above even biological and nuclear...


Cyber-insurance: Get it right for your clients

I believe we are part of a very noble and fundamental industry; without insurance, commerce cannot exist in its modern form. Commerce in return supports the communities we live in. In the event of a claim our client’s first...

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