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When was the damage?

Question... Our builder client installed a shower during renovations of a house in 2014.  In 2018 their client advised them of water damage to wall and flooring, and investigation showed this to be due to either the ...

Ask an Expert

Water bills

Question... Our client had a burst pipe at his holiday home. The insurers have accepted the claim, however, they have declined to pay the extra cost of the water bill. Their normal water usage is around $36 a month and the bill ...


Professional Indemnity Policies

Has the word “professional” had its day?

As its name implies, the insurance industry originally designed professional indemnity policies (PI policy) for insuring the traditional professions against legal liability, principally, for providing negligent advice.  The world h...

IFSO Case Study

Motor Vehicle Insurance

What we can learn from IFSO Scheme complaints

About 44% of complaint enquiries about fire and general insurance to the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman (IFSO) Scheme relate to motor vehicle insurance. Now is a good time to remind your clients of their motor vehicle...


Insurers: Concerns to address for earthquake cl...

Insurers are cautiously welcoming a proposed tribunal to deal with Canterbury earthquake settlements. Justice Minister Andrew Little introduced a bill designed to help Cantabrians resolve outstanding residential insurance claims...


Keeping your balance

An interview with Jane Cook, senior commercial broker, Rothbury Insurance Bro...

Technology may have blurred the lines between work and home but it’s also made it possible to work remotely and create more work/life balance. CoverNote talks to Jane Cook about what prompted her to sell her broking business and...


NZI Advocates for Fire Compliance

In London, a charred husk of a building still stands as a grim reminder of the deadly fire that ripped through Grenfell Tower last June. The tragedy resulted in 72 deaths and left dozens of families homeless....


Simplification, people and partnerships - key t...

In an evolving market, removing complexity and maintaining a focus on people and partnerships will be crucial for ensuring insurance affordability in the future. NZI’s executive general manager, Garry Taylor says NZI is...


The rewards of innovation

Instead of thinking outside the box, Rothbury Insurance Brokers has got rid of the box and is using a virtual underwriter.   Steadfast New Zealand’s Virtual Underwriter (VU) turned one last month and has paved the way...


Sunny outlook from Paul Smeaton

by Michael Botur

August 9 is a good day to catch up with Paul Smeaton.  The CEO of Suncorp New Zealand – who was appointed CEO of the country’s second largest insurer in late 2015 – has just helped present strong results to...


New liability solution for manufacturers

The New Zealand manufacturing sector is experiencing strong growth and is currently a standout on the international stage.  According to Statistics New Zealand, export earnings are approaching $50 billion with manufacturing...


Consumer acceptance of health telematics

By Mike Naylor, Massey University

One of the forecasted future changes in health insurance is the use of wearable health telematic devices, like Fitbits, to help set clients’ premiums.  It is unclear, however, whether consumers will accept these devices...


To disclose or not to disclose

Do insureds need to disclose their insurance policy when matters turn litigious?

Plaintiffs want to know a defendant’s financial position so they may determine the enforceability of a judgment. Often the mere knowledge of an insurance policy will steel a plaintiff’s resolve to bring or to continue...


BIG DATA will change world of insurance

The big data revolution isn’t coming - it’s already started, and it will change insurance in at least two key ways.  The first big change will see insurers being able to build a much deeper and more accurate...


Damian McDonald

CEO of Advisor Promoter

How long have you been involved in Technology? I actually started my first full time job at Commodore Computers in New Zealand when I was 18 and was running the technical side of the business and managing 52 service centres by...

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