Duty to disclose gets update

by Lloyd Kavanagh, Jeremy Muir, Kara Daly, Andrew Suggate, Maria Collett-Beva...

A little over 20 years ago, the Law Commission published a paper with a title that hinted only vaguely at its contents: “Some Insurance Law Problems”. It examined five unrelated aspects of insurance law that were genera...

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Dash cams offer clarity for claims

QBE Insurance and road safety organisation Brake are encouraging businesses and motorists to embrace New Zealand’s dash cam usage trend, citing the devices’ significant potential insurance, financial and safety benefits. ...

FSCL Case Study

Marine mix-up

Bryan, an experienced mariner, noticed damage to his yacht when it was moored at a marina.   Fortunately, Bryan had insurance. There was some dispute with the insurer around the cause of the damage. However, in the end, the i...

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Wear and tear

Question... My client has a motor vehicle accident whilst towing a trailer where he lost control and spun off the road. The insurer accepted the claim but disputes some of the damage advising it is general wear and tear (this...

Ask an Expert

Ex-gratia payments and third parties

Question... In a situation where an insurer makes an ex-gratia payment to their client under a material damage policy, does the insurer still obtain the right to subrogated recoveries against a liable third party?...


What happens if you change your mind?

Can an insurance broker renege on a proposed underwriting agency relationship...

Entering into a business relationship with another party can be complicated; many issues need to be discussed and agreed to. The parties need to be free to negotiate without commitment until they reach substantial agreement. Once they...

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