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Insurance Advisernet and NZbrokers

Insurance Advisernet New Zealand Ltd (“IANZ”) has today announced its resignation as a corporate member of NZbrokers Management Limited (NZbrokers) Shaun Standfield Managing Director for Insurance Advisernet Australia a...


What happens if you change your mind?

Can an insurance broker renege on a proposed underwriting agency relationship...

Entering into a business relationship with another party can be complicated; many issues need to be discussed and agreed to. The parties need to be free to negotiate without commitment until they reach substantial agreement. Once they d...

IFSO Case Study

What does it take to prove a prima facie claim?

Twenty-four years of insurance complaints reveal the prima facie claim is still a mystery to many clients, and the Latin probably doesn’t help.  A prima facie claim is what the insured must prove in the first instance - that ...


Data protection - the perfect storm to justify ...

By Minter Ellison Rudd Watts

In 2018, there were more than 2000 data breaches reported to CERT NZ – just the tip of a now mammoth iceberg affecting the personal and confidential information of millions of people and businesses globally.  The...



Navigating internal connectedness

Nicholas Moss, director, financial services audit, KPMG

The 2018 KPMG Global Chief Executive Outlook, which surveyed 1300 chief executives, including 50 New Zealand chief executives, found that eight-in-ten insurance chief executives believe they are now meeting (or even...



New insurance products virtual and intangible

New products available to insurance brokers in 2019 are a sign of the times, ...

Cyber cover is here; crypto still to come Great technology comes with great responsibility, and the insurance industry calls this “emerging risks”.  While self-driving cars aren’t quite in New Zealand...

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