FSCL Case Study

Missing jetski

In early 2018, the insured’s jet ski stopped working. He took the jet ski to his usual repairer, but they were at capacity, and could not take on the repairs. They recommended another repairer, who was performing repairs part-time...

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Boss’s travel goes wrong

Question.. Hope you can assist on a little travel claim as the insurers are declining based on semantics. Our client has a corporate travel policy in place. Our client makes up part of the executive management team and is...

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Marital property

Question... Our client had a car that was insured in his name stolen. The claim was recently settled by payment to his nominated account.  His wife has now asked for details of the settlement as she says she is entit...

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Damage discovered too late

Question... A client owns a property in Christchurch. The building suffered some minor damage in Christchurch earthquakes and claim was cash settled . The damage was assessed as plaster and painting only. The tenant now...

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Risk transfer

Question... Our client's general liability policy contains the following exclusion: "Building defects alleging, arising directly or indirectly out of, or in respect of: 2.1 the failure of any building or structure to...


Conduct, Culture and Resilience in insurance

By Tim Grafton

It has been an unparalleled past 12 months of regulatory reviews around insurance and financial services. From the Hayne Royal Commission in Australia to the FMA reviews into the banking and life insurance sectors in New Zealand, and...

IFSO Case Study

Foreign object causes problem

A client held vehicle insurance with the insurer for his tractor. He made a claim, because a clutch circlip dislodged inside the tractor and became caught in the tractor’s transmission, requiring nearly $18,000 of repairs....

IFSO Case Study

Trailer not fully enclosed

The insured had cover for his mobile business assets. In February 2019, he was contracted to water blast a school. The water blaster and its accessories were secured to a purpose-built trailer and stored within a toolbox which was...


Doig vs Tower Insurance

The Court of Appeal says no to an assigned claim by Andrew Horne and Olivia ...

The Court of Appeal recently delivered judgment in Doig v Tower Insurance, the latest in a series of assigned material damage claims. We covered the High Court decision last year. This decision is relevant to all material damage...


Assisting a business after a work accident

A business is facing the “unthinkable” after the death of an employee in an accident. Fire, ambulance and police take control of the scene. WorkSafe inspectors are on their way.  Co-workers and friends are shocked and...


Do brokers and insurers owe continuing duties ...

by Andrew Horne and Nick Frith, of Minter Ellison Rudd Watts

A recent case indicates that insurance brokers and insurers may owe a continuing duty to inform customers if circumstances change during the policy term. This will be of interest to brokers and insurers who may have assumed...



Rogue employees - The insider threat

Cyber threats aren’t just from hackers outside your business.

The greatest threat to your company and network is not the hackers and crackers on the outside trying to get in but your own employees who want to cause mischief or who inadvertently cause damage from within.   A determined...

Live News

Tower axes disclosure requirement

Kiwi insurer Tower has committed to remove the duty of disclosure from its sales and claims processes before the end of the year. Chief executive Richard Harding says that there had been a bit of talk in the news lately about how...

Live News

Suncorp profit bounces

A relatively benign year for weather has helped to boost Suncorp New Zealand’s bottom line. The insurer announced net profit after tax of $261 million for the full year ended June 30, up 76% on the prior corresponding period....

Live News

Tribunal to hear earthquake claims

Canterbury homeowners are being offered a new way to resolve their outstanding earthquake claims. The Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal opened on June 10. Justice Minister Andrew Little said it would be a fair,...

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