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Risk transfer

Question... We have a client who ships goods overseas on CIF terms, and therefore has to arrange insurance to cover the goods including when risk transfers to the purchaser. They have suffered a loss which appears to have oc...

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Exclusion limits

Question... A client was commissioned to build a steel frame on which to place a silo. Several months after it was built, the silo was filled up and the frame collapsed. It has since been found that the failure was due to ™...


Safety tips for Lithium Ion batteries

By Stephen Henkin, risk management services, Vero

Lithium ion – or Li-ion – batteries are becoming ubiquitous in New Zealand homes and businesses. They’re widely used to power everything from mobiles and laptops to power tools, e-bikes, scooters and motor vehicles.&nb...

IFSO Case Study

Meth damage standoff

A trust held house insurance for a rental property . In March 2017, the trust made a claim to the insurer, because methamphetamine testing had shown a composite test result of 66µg, well over the threshold requiring...

IFSO Case Study

Failing crank shaft

In December 2015, a trust arranged insurance on its boat with an insurer. In January 2016, a trustee of the trust was driving the boat when swells developed. He said he went over a wave and the boat landed awkwardly, there was a...


Should the existence of double insurance be lik...

by Crossley Gates

Insuring the same risk twice with different insurers is not as silly as it sounds. In the early days of marine insurance, insureds commonly purchased more than one insurance policy to cover the same risk in order to protect...

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