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Damage discovered too late

Question... A client owns a property in Christchurch. The building suffered some minor damage in Christchurch earthquakes and claim was cash settled . The damage was assessed as plaster and painting only. The tenant now h...



Risk under the microscope

A sea change in pricing property insurance by Andrew Horne and Olivia de Pon...

New Zealand’s largest property insurer group recently announced a move towards more risk-based underwriting for property and contents insurance in areas considered prone to natural disasters. These changes will result in premium i...

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The Earthquake Commission Act changes: what the...

Four changes to the Earthquake Commission (EQC) Act have come into effect this year. They are part of an overall push to put in place the lessons learned from recent event responses including the Canterbury earthquakes. The changes...

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Suncorp profit bounces

A relatively benign year for weather has helped to boost Suncorp New Zealand’s bottom line. The insurer announced net profit after tax of $261 million for the full year ended June 30, up 76% on the prior corresponding period....


Safety tips for Lithium Ion batteries

By Stephen Henkin, risk management services, Vero

Lithium ion – or Li-ion – batteries are becoming ubiquitous in New Zealand homes and businesses. They’re widely used to power everything from mobiles and laptops to power tools, e-bikes, scooters and motor...



Wellington: What’s really happening here?

By Tim Grafton

To understand what is happening to insurance in Wellington, it’s worth reflecting that the November 2016 Kaikõura earthquake caused about $1.5 billion of insured losses in the city. That’s from an event with an...



What if homes become uninsurable?

Rising sea levels may be the most predictable outcome of climate change, but ...

The efforts to combat climate change have begun in many corporate sectors around the world, and here in New Zealand that effort has been led by the insurance industry as it grapples with what to do when coastal properties...

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Insurers praise climate move

Insurers are backing the Government’s Climate Change Response Amendment Bill. Governments will be required to reduce biological methane by at least 10% by 2030 and between 24% and 47% by 2050.  All other...

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Insurers, brokers welcome levy review

The Government will review how Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) is funded, a move that is being welcomed by the industry. The FENZ levy has been controversial for many years.  In 2017, the fire service levy for...

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Sea level rises pose risk

The Insurance Council of New Zealand has welcomed Local Government New Zealand’s (LGNZ’s) report into sea-level rises around the country, saying that the billions of dollars of local government assets identified in the...


Sustainable Business Network Awards

Meet the winners and Commendations for the 2018 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards!

FSCL Case Study

The $84 billion problem:

Underinsurance and sum insured

Underinsurance is a big issue in New Zealand. A 2016 Treasury report stated up to 85% of homes could be underinsured by an average of 28%. Across New Zealand, underinsurance of homes is worth an estimated $84 billion. ...


Fire Service Levy: Overhaul needed already

By Insurance Council of NZ

Last year, the Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) advised MPs that taxing insurance policies to pay for Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) was unfair, costly, complex and eventually unsustainable. The previous Government...


Rural innovation and entrepreneurship showcas...

From a beekeeper to a children’s author, this year’s NZI Rural Women New Zealand business awards winners were as diverse as they are successful.  The awards, held on November 20 in Wellington at Parliament...

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ICNZ welcomes mapping decision

The Insurance Council of New Zealand is pleased with the decision of Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones to provide funding through the Provincial Growth Fund for expanded LiDAR data mapping in the regions. LiDAR...

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