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Tenant damage

Question... I'm dealing with a material damage policy, taken out by the insured, a property owner. The insured©s tenant runs a backpacking business from the building. The tenant allowed one of their staff members to...

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Carpet damage

Question... Our client purchased a contract works insurance policy for a 12-month period to cover some major alterations they were doing in their home. Included in the contract works policy was cover for the existing structure. T...

IFSO Case Study

Trust trouble

In June 2017, the insured, trustee of a trust, telephoned the insurer to arrange cover for a planned renovation of a house, including removing and replacing the roof.   He was told there would be no cover for damage resu...


Aluminium composite panels in building cladding

By Tim Grafton, chief executive of the Insurance Council of New Zealand

In the last few years, there have been several fires involving multi-level building overseas where combustible aluminium composite panel cladding (APC cladding) has been a significant contributing factor to the damage caused by the...


NZI discourages use of flammable insulated pane...

Recent apartment and factory fires around the world, resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of property loss and in some cases, the loss of life, have resulted in a worldwide debate over the safety of insulated panelling....

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Sea level rises pose risk

The Insurance Council of New Zealand has welcomed Local Government New Zealand’s (LGNZ’s) report into sea-level rises around the country, saying that the billions of dollars of local government assets identified in the...

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