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Spontaneous Ignition

The hidden danger when doing laundry

Vero recently received a claim for a fire that caused extensive damage to a small business. Upon investigation, it was  discovered that the cause of the fire was the spontaneous ignition of towels, rags and napkins in the tumble dr...

FSCL Case Study

The $84 billion problem:

Underinsurance and sum insured

Underinsurance is a big issue in New Zealand. A 2016 Treasury report stated up to 85% of homes could be underinsured by an average of 28%. Across New Zealand, underinsurance of homes is worth an estimated $84 billion.  Whil...


Residential property inspections you can rely on

It is normal practice for a residential property inspection, commonly called a builder’s report, to be requested before a prospective purchaser decides to settle the offer of purchase. The important question is, how can one be cer...



SMEs left vulnerable

There are many gaps in New Zealand’s small business insurance coverage. By A...

Underinsurance is a significant issue across the insurance industry and for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), failure to take out adequate cover could be catastrophic. While bigger businesses and companies can often bounce back...


Five changes new code of conduct could bring to...

The group developing a new code of conduct for financial advisers has released a draft – and it will mean big changes for insurance brokers. The code will guide everyone who gives financial advice under the new regime. It is...

FSCL Case Study

Clients must honour obligations

Parvati owned a fish and chip shop and arranged insurance cover for material damage through her broker. The fat in the shop’s deep fat fryer overheated and caught fire, destroying the shop. Parvati made an insurance claim. ...

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