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Wear and tear

Question... My client has a motor vehicle accident whilst towing a trailer where he lost control and spun off the road. The insurer accepted the claim but disputes some of the damage advising it is general wear and tear (this inv...

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Partial replacement

Question... Our client has had one rim damaged after a stone was lodged between the brake calipers and the rim. The client has not been able to buy the same rim as they have been discontinued so has had to purchase a brand new fu...

IFSO Case Study

What does it take to prove a prima facie claim?

Twenty-four years of insurance complaints reveal the prima facie claim is still a mystery to many clients, and the Latin probably doesn’t help.  A prima facie claim is what the insured must prove in the first instance - that ...


NZI helps steer the way in development of a new...

2018 was a shocking year for road fatalities, with almost 400 deaths. It’s the highest road toll in eight years. As a result, the Government is looking into taking up the "Vision Zero" approach to road safety. ...

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Battery problems leave drivers stranded

State Insurance responded to 1300 Roadside Assistance callouts across the country just over the Christmas and New Year period. Almost half of those were related to the vehicle battery. The most common problem was batteries being...

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Which cars are thieves' top picks?

The desire for a stolen Toyota Hilux, Subaru Legacy and Subaru Impreza shows no signs of diminishing, with at least two reported stolen every day around New Zealand. Analysis of police data by financial...

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