Who are you, anyway?

Here’s how to build up your personal brand as an independent insurance broker...

Your personal brand is about your reputation and being known for what you do. Have you heard of it? Let me fill you in. Regardless of where you are on the experience scale of insurance brokerage, or how thick your book is, you prob...


Cyber risk product aims to fill market gap

Delta Insurance has partnered with global security leader DynaRisk to deliver a cyber-protection and insurance product for businesses and their employees and customers across the Asia-Pacific region.  Delta Insurance Group man...


Data protection - the perfect storm to justify ...

By Minter Ellison Rudd Watts

In 2018, there were more than 2000 data breaches reported to CERT NZ – just the tip of a now mammoth iceberg affecting the personal and confidential information of millions of people and businesses globally.  The ever-in...


Making the most of social media for small business

By Lou Draper

People said social media marketing for business would be an enormous fad. A waste of time and energy, and if it did take off, it would be something to entertain the kids, but not much else. Twenty years on however, social media for...


New insurance products virtual and intangible

New products available to insurance brokers in 2019 are a sign of the times, ...

Cyber cover is here; crypto still to come Great technology comes with great responsibility, and the insurance industry calls this “emerging risks”.  While self-driving cars aren’t quite in New Zealand...


My Rothbury App hits the mark with clients

There’s never been more focus on efficient and personalised service than there is today. Breaking news, live updates and instant messaging means we’ve all come to expect instant access to information. Today’s customers...

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