Financial Advice

FSCL Case Study

Extra excess

Chris owned a small furniture business. He purchased a range of business insurance policies through a broker. One of the policies Chris purchased gave him cover for natural disasters. But when the broker sent Chris the insurance do...

Ask an Expert

Run-off cover

Question... I am having discussions with an insurer at the moment regarding run-off cover for public liability (PL) insurance. Not for the first time, I have been advised that run-off cover is not required for PL insurance as it ...


What happens if you change your mind?

Can an insurance broker renege on a proposed underwriting agency relationship...

Entering into a business relationship with another party can be complicated; many issues need to be discussed and agreed to. The parties need to be free to negotiate without commitment until they reach substantial agreement. Once they d...

IFSO Case Study

Family fallout

A family trust owned a house.   The trustee of the trust was a trustee company. The directors were a couple and the woman’s mother. The trustee company arranged insurance for the house through its financial...

Live News

Suncorp expands AA partnership

The AA and Suncorp have reached a new agreement to explore how both organisations can expand their financial service offerings. AA chief executive Brian Gibbons said it had always been the AA’s aspiration to look at how it...

Live News

Licensing costs revealed

It is becoming clearer what it will cost to take out a license to provide financial advice under the new legislative regime. Anyone giving advice under the new rules must work for a licensed financial advice provider. That could be...

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