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Underwriting changes

Question… I would appreciate some input and opinions on a point that has been causing me concern for a while. It relates to insurers applying new rates and terms to policies mid-term just because the client has altered so...

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'D' plate insurance

Question… We have a situation where we insured a car repair workshop. He only took MD cover with one insurer and added cover for 2 D plates and additional premium paid. Liability cover is with another insurer. Our ...

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Recovering mark-up

Question… In a situation where damage is done to third-party property and our at-fault insured client undertakes the repairs to remediate, to what extent can our client legitimately recover their normal mark-up (beyond th...

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What’s an employee?

Question… We have a claim where a client's vehicle was stolen. Also taken from the premises was an uninsured vehicle owned by a contractor that he used in connection with his work for my client The contractor in...

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Wrong fuel

Question… My client has an employee erroneously fuel his diesel motor vehicle with one litre of Go Clear and subsequently cause the engine to cease working. Fuel systems are affected only.  The policy can...

FSCL Case Study

When two brokers get it wrong

An insurance broker arranged insurance cover for a couple’s home, including a swimming pool. Insurance premiums were increasing and the client asked the broker if he could find a cheaper policy. He offered the couple an...

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