Sustainable Business Network Awards

Meet the winners and Commendations for the 2018 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards!

Ask an Expert

What’s an employee?

Question… We have a claim where a client's vehicle was stolen. Also taken from the premises was an uninsured vehicle owned by a contractor that he used in connection with his work for my client The contractor in que...

Ask an Expert

Wrong fuel

Question… My client has an employee erroneously fuel his diesel motor vehicle with one litre of Go Clear and subsequently cause the engine to cease working. Fuel systems are affected only.  The policy can...

PIQ College

Have you ever thought about becoming a Professi...

There is a lot happening in the financial services sector in 2019 and the college is increasing its team of assessors to meet demand for the revised New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services Level 5 driven in part by the changes to...


Spontaneous Ignition

The hidden danger when doing laundry

Vero recently received a claim for a fire that caused extensive damage to a small business. Upon investigation, it was  discovered that the cause of the fire was the spontaneous ignition of towels, rags and napkins in the tumble...

FSCL Case Study

When two brokers get it wrong

An insurance broker arranged insurance cover for a couple’s home, including a swimming pool. Insurance premiums were increasing and the client asked the broker if he could find a cheaper policy. He offered the couple an...

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