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The real facts about competency

We have been approached by a number of members recently to clarify what will be acceptable to meet the forthcoming code of conduct for financial advisers. The difficulty is that the new code is yet to be published, although we unde...

FSCL Case Study

Marine mix-up

Bryan, an experienced mariner, noticed damage to his yacht when it was moored at a marina.   Fortunately, Bryan had insurance. There was some dispute with the insurer around the cause of the damage. However, in the end, the i...

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Tenant damage

Question... I'm dealing with a material damage policy, taken out by the insured, a property owner. The insured©s tenant runs a backpacking business from the building. The tenant allowed one of their staff members to...

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Carpet damage

Question... Our client purchased a contract works insurance policy for a 12-month period to cover some major alterations they were doing in their home. Included in the contract works policy was cover for the existing structure....

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Ex-gratia payments and third parties

Question... In a situation where an insurer makes an ex-gratia payment to their client under a material damage policy, does the insurer still obtain the right to subrogated recoveries against a liable third party?...

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Partial replacement

Question... Our client has had one rim damaged after a stone was lodged between the brake calipers and the rim. The client has not been able to buy the same rim as they have been discontinued so has had to purchase a brand new...

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