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Professional IQ College provided an award late last year to Ivana Vink, the winner of the last KWT Scholarship.  The winner had 12 months to take up the Scholarship to undertake the College programme leading to the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services Level 5 General Insurance strand.  

Ivana started the programme mid-January this year and has achieved two units and is already on her third unit standard.  Looking back,  Ivana says, “I was very nervous about the concept of studying again for my New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services Level 5”.

Starting on the Core Module first Ivana says, “I found the Good Conduct quite overwhelming to start with as some tasks required to be completed in 500 words or less. However, I found the Course study materials very easy to navigate through, the pages are clearly marked with headings and sub-headings and indicate which task they relate to and are written in chronological order which is great. 

Ivana comments that she particularly finds “Key Concepts” and “Test Yourself” fields of a great value.”

Ivana says that she finds tasks with scenarios the most interesting. The real life examples definitely make you think about the wide range of financial products a Financial Adviser can offer.

Based on the commitment that Ivana is showing in her studies she should complete the Core Module by the end of June.  She is really looking forward to progressing to the General Insurance Module as this is the field she currently works in and enjoys tailoring insurance packages based on the client’s needs.  

Whilst Ivana is aware she has a long road ahead, she says her assessor is very encouraging and helpful and she hopes to have her course completed before the end of this year.

June 2021

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