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The prospect of setting time aside from an already busy schedule to complete a qualification is, understandably, a bit daunting. But help is at hand.

Read on for some tips for Distance Learning, and accessing dedicated support services offered by the Professional IQ College Student Liaison team.

First of all, what is Distance Learning?

In a nutshell, Distance Learning means you can learn at your pace and in your own environment. With a good plan in place, it can be a highly efficient way to progress and complete your qualification. And importantly, the College Distance Learning package provides support for students; it’s not like online learning, in which students essentially go it alone.

What is Student Liaison Support?

At Professional IQ College, every adviser is supported by a Learning Plan and is assigned a dedicated Student Liaison Coordinator who is available five days a week for questions, and conducts a comprehensive one-on-one session every month. What’s more, each student’s Level 5 Assessor is readily available to help with queries and feedback on assessments, once submitted. The benefits? There are many, including:

• Real people at hand to for students’ needs and challenges

• Quick access to practical and technical support

• Support to keep learning progress on track, to completion

• And of course, positive reinforcement and motivation.

Utilising your Student Liaison team effectively can make a huge difference to your qualification experience. So, how to make the most of it? It’s simple really: call or email with any questions or challenges, or to simply talk through your thinking. If you’re unsure what a question is asking; if you’re finding it hard to get motivated; if you’re finding the prospect of assessments daunting, just reach out. That’s what the Student Liaison team is here for.

Distance Learning Tip 1:
Keep your business capacity top-of-mind

You’re already busy and will likely be time-poor, so planning when it’s best for you to set time aside for your Level 5 learning is crucial.

Think about your professional life and the busy times; when might you have some additional time to give Level 5 your focused attention? To get a good balance between your professional responsibilities and your Level 5 requirements, it makes good sense to first think about timing, and what will work for you.

Distance Learning Tip 2:
Make a plan

Identify your capacity needs and set aside time to study each week against the expected completion dates on your learning plan. No matter how long it has been since you crossed the classroom threshold, setting realistic goals and timeframes can help you keep moving forward, steadily, and at a pace that works for you.

Distance Learning is a lot about discipline and self-motivation – especially if there are no set timeframes, except for a final deadline. So set some goals and reward yourself when you achieve them.

Distance Learning Tip 3:
Find some learning partners

Self-motivation is a great soft skill to have. But if you feel a bit ‘isolated’ and need extra support, don’t forget that ‘unity is strength’.

In addition to making the most of your Student Liaison team, we encourage you to build your own support team with other financial advisers who are going through the same learning process. You can motivate each other and act as a sounding board for questions and challenges.

Distance Learning Tip 4:
Make the most of your PIQ Student Liaison team

As we said above, your Student Liaison Coordinator and, once assessments are submitted, your Assessor, are at hand to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out in need and make the most of the tools and support they offer.

Like to find out more or apply for enrolment?

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September 2021

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