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Lloyd’s Insurance broker Alan Rixon has been employed by Harman Kemp North America as head of its international department, to help develop its thrust into other territories outside of North America. 

Rixon had previously held roles, including managing director of the non-marine department, with another Lloyd’s broker for 22 years before deciding to seek new challenges. He is an associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute as well as a member of the Institute of Risk Management in London.

He will be well known to many of the members of IBANZ, having first visited New Zealand in August 2012  as the result of local capacity issues following the two Christchurch earthquakes. 

At the outset he was eager to understand the issues facing brokers in New Zealand by visiting the offices of IBANZ in Auckland and he addressed groups of brokers in Auckland and Christchurch, explaining how the London markets worked. 

He is now recognised by many Lloyd’s underwriters as an entrepreneurial individual with an excellent knowledge of the territory and its problems and is considered a leading authority on both Facultative and Binding Authority placements, which emanate from New Zealand.

Harman Kemp has put in place in-house facilities  with Lloyd’s Underwriters for property risks where a substantial risk limit is required, so inquiries can normally be turned around in 24 hours. 

Under this facility, deductible buy-downs and “as is where is” damaged buildings including contract works/course of construction can also be facilitated.

Even ingress/egress loss resulting from an insured peril insured under the policy can be added.  

Any IBANZ member interested in dealing with Harman Kemp should make contact with chief executive Peter Slade in the first instance.

June 2018

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