A new risk profiler tool developed by Vero has put risk assessment at the top of the to-do list for small and medium sized enterprise owners (SMEs) and their insurance brokers. 

Recent research shows 71% of SMEs want their broker to help them assess, and then suggest ways to mitigate risk within their business. In total, 41% of SMEs say they never, or infrequently assess risk.

Chris Brophy, executive manager business at Vero, says the risk profiler was developed based on clear demand from time-poor SMEs. 

“SMEs don’t always have the time to fully consider every risk while they are busy running a business, so they need their brokers’ support and guidance in this area. We’ve made it easier by creating a tool that brokers can use to guide their SME customers through a thorough risk conversation.”

Brophy said that the tool does the background work for brokers by giving them data and insights into a range of industries.

“Feedback from brokers who have tested the tool say there is nothing else like it in the market.”

“While we’re there for customers when things go wrong, minimising risk means we can help avoid other impacts of a claim that cause inconvenience and business disruption,” he said. 

The risk profiler is free to use and includes downloadable resources and checklists for brokers to give to their customers. While use of the risk profiler is optional, SME customer feedback shows they value the information and suggestions about keeping safe.

Categories covered are: accommodation; building owner; community; engineering, garages & motor; hospitality and entertainment; manufacturing; medical; offices; retail; services, tradies and warehouses and storage. 

September 2020

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