Gallagher Bassett New Zealand reflected on the significance of crisis readiness on the first anniversary of the devastating Cyclone Gabrielle.

Chief executive Craig Furness said building knowledge within organisations was a key lesson learned.

"Preparing for a crisis is not just about having a plan in place. It's about trusting your people and trusting your processes.”

“When the pressure mounts, it's essential to rely on the knowledge that your team possess, knowing that you have the right expertise to navigate these times," Furness added.

Furness also highlighted the importance of creating opportunities to simulate potential crises and arming companies and their leaders with the foresight to anticipate challenges.

"By providing the opportunity to simulate potential crises and preparing for what might come ahead, leaders can learn to trust their instincts and make the right decisions when faced with a challenging situation.”

Gallagher Bassett New Zealand also stressed the importance of conducting crisis simulations to allow leaders to familiarise themselves with natural disaster scenarios and respond appropriately when the time comes.

March 2024

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