February 8

TOPIC: The art of time management


We are all busy and time management is something we struggle with. Your outcomes will be how to forecast your business through time management, planning and being strategic. This helps with levelling out your workload and dealing with the unexpected calls and events that we deal with every day.

February 13

TOPIC: PIDO presentation

PRESENTER: Jeno Capo - Ando

This session will cover underwriting considerations and key elements in a PI submission.

February 14

TOPIC: Catch fire before it starts

PRESENTER: Andrew Greatbatch & Toby Lancaster - IAG

Andrew will introduce why NZI have decided to invest in Electrical Inspectors. History of Electrical defects for our industry and what we traditionally did (Risk Improvements). Toby will outline the importance of electrical maintenance and safety and what he’s found to date.

February 21

TOPIC: Personal grievances in restructuring, and employment status claims

PRESENTER: Anthony Drake & Rosie Judd - Wynn Williams

Many employers consider restructuring their businesses to adapt to changing economic conditions. This session will address what employers can do to minimise the risk of personal grievance claims arising from restructuring. Also, we will address how businesses can best avoid and defend claims from contractors that they are actually employees (an increasingly common situation).

February 22

TOPIC: Building an unshakeable mindset (Part II - the requested deeper dive)

PRESENTER: Bruce Ross - Ignite

Building on Bruce's October '23 webinar (same name), Part II will repeat key themes covered in his previous webinar with 60% new content including proven, science-backed insights and tools to create your unshakable mindset, so you can consistently create extraordinary results across your business, finances, relationships (and life).

February 29

In person only event in Auckland - 1.00pm-4.00pm 

TOPIC: Marine workshop 


The programme includes topical cargo clauses, inherent vice and latent defects, pleasurecraft risk management and loss prevention, bills of lading and e-documents.

MARCH 2024

March 5

TOPIC: Business interruption insurance for beginners – Part 1

PRESENTER: Mark Anderson - Commercial Loss Management

In one hour we share some of the actual issues we experience and how we resolve differences to get to a fair claim settlement.

March 6

TOPIC: General liability

PRESENTER: Connor Seaman & Sharna Garbett - Delta

General Liability cover protects against the cost of compensating third parties if they suffer a personal injury or damage to their property for which you are legally liable. Join the Team at Delta Insurance as they explain what a General Liability policy covers, how it responds at claims time, with a particular focus on areas to watch and where there might be gaps in cover. 

March 7

TOPIC: Weather-related complaints


FSCL has investigated several complaints arising out of the 2023 flooding events and Cyclone Gabrielle. In this webinar Stephanie will highlight some of the issues that have emerged in these complaints, and the types of resolutions reached.

March 13

TOPIC: Natural disaster

PRESENTER: Emma Gabor - Gabor Law

The frequency and intensity of natural disasters have increased in recent years. In this seminar, we discuss the dual insurance system we have in New Zealand.

March 14

TOPIC: Negotiation skills workshop series - Part 1

PRESENTER: Trevor Slater - Dispute Resolution Practitioner

In this three-part masterclass attendees will explore the skills of a good negotiator and how these skills can be applied in providing financial advice as an insurance broker. 

March 19

TOPIC: Underground services – risks, cover and claims

PRESENTER: Jeff Stagg - McLarens

A session to cover the general policy requirements for Underground Services extensions or exclusions, the contractual and common law position, council bylaws, Before U Dig and
claims issues. Also issues with services on redevelopment (Brownfield) sites.

March 20

TOPIC: What keeps employers up at night

PRESENTER: Alan Knowsley - Rainey Collins

Employment issues continue to be a pressing concern for employers. In this informative webinar you will hear from Alan Knowsley of Rainey Collins Lawyers as he discusses the most common issues that keep employers awake at night.

APRIL 2024

April 3

TOPIC: Focus on the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services

PRESENTER: Angus Dale-Jones - Financial Advice Code Committee

More details to come.

April 4

TOPIC: Introduction to insurance and broking

PRESENTER: Simon Moss - NZBrokers

In this webinar Simon will describe the history of insurance, its importance to commerce, the insurance markets and the role of the insurance broker to understand their client’s risks, demonstrate that their advice is appropriate and suitable to meet those needs. The session is intended for those who have commenced their insurance career in the last year or two, or those who have recently started work as a support or client facing broker.

April 10

TOPIC: Online presence and visibility 

PRESENTER: Leanne Coste - Better your Biz

Your online presence and visibility helps you to connect with your current and potential customers online. In this webinar Leanne will show you how to improve your online presence and visibility so that prospects can find you online and also how to create trust which helps people to choose you over your competition.

April 11

TOPIC: Natural Hazard Insurance


An overview of insurance provided under the EQC Act for homes and some residential land in New Zealand, how claims are being delivered through private insurers and general updates around the scheme such as reinsurance, levies and upcoming legislative changes.

April 16

TOPIC: Business interruption insurance for beginners – Part 2

PRESENTER: Mark Anderson - Commercial Loss Management

This is Part 2 of a 2 Part presentation for those new to commercial broking and who have had little to no exposure to business interruption insurance.

April 18

TOPIC: Negotiation skills workshop series - Part 2

PRESENTER: Trevor Slater - Dispute Resolution Practitioner

In this three-part masterclass attendees will explore the skills of a good negotiator and how these skills can be applied in providing financial advice as an insurance broker. 

April 23

TOPIC: Run off

PRESENTER: Ian Thompson - Vero Liability

In the current economic environment we are seeing significantly increased numbers of SME market clients retiring, ceasing to trade or selling their businesses.  In this seminar we will look at how liability policies trigger and consider claim scenario’s explaining why putting these coverages into run off is often very important.

December 2023