IBANZ offers a range of CPD from quality presenters who specialise in providing a variety of fire and general presentations, as well as a selection on soft skills ranging from time management to client care.

All webinars: 10.30 - 11.30am

April 3

TOPIC: Focus on the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services

PRESENTER: Angus Dale-Jones - Financial Advice Code Committee

The Code is a key part of the financial advice regime. Its standards are principles-based prompts designed to work in a wide range of advice situations. This session provides a refresh on how the Code can help you give good advice and covers how and why the Code encourages you to continue developing your professional skills.

April 4

TOPIC: Introduction to insurance and broking

PRESENTER: Simon Moss - NZBrokers

In this webinar Simon will describe the history of insurance, its importance to commerce, the insurance markets, and the role of the insurance broker to understand their clients' risks, demonstrate that their advice is appropriate and suitable to meet those needs. The session is intended for those who have commenced their insurance career in the last year or two, or those who have recently started work as a support or client facing broker.

April 10

TOPIC: Online presence and visibility 

PRESENTER: Leanne Coste - Better your Biz

Your online presence and visibility helps you to connect with your current and potential customers online. In this webinar Leanne will show you how to improve your online presence and visibility so that prospects can find you online, and also how to create trust which helps people to choose you over your competition.

April 11

TOPIC: EQC webinar


An overview of insurance provided under the EQC Act for homes and some residential land in New Zealand, how claims are being delivered through private insurers and general updates around the scheme such as reinsurance, levies and upcoming legislative changes.

April 16

TOPIC: Business interruption insurance for beginners – Part 2

PRESENTER: Mark Anderson - Commercial Loss Management

This is part 2 of a 2 part presentation for those new to commercial broking and who have had little to no exposure to business interruption insurance. 

April 18

TOPIC: Negotiation skills workshop series - Part 2

PRESENTER: Trevor Slater - Dispute Resolution Practitioner

This three-part masterclass explores the skills of a good negotiator and how these skills can be applied in providing financial advice as an insurance broker.

April 23

TOPIC: Run off

PRESENTER: Ian Thompson - Vero Liability

In the current economic environment we are seeing significantly increased numbers of SME market clients retiring, ceasing to trade or selling their businesses.  In this seminar we will look at how liability policies trigger and consider claim scenarios explaining why putting these coverages into run off is often very important. 

April 30

TOPIC: Home insurance - issues arising out of 2023 significant weather events

PRESENTER: Claire Benjamin & Andrew Gunn - IFSO

Weather events in 2023 were devasting, both on a personal and property level. Claire Benjamin IFSO Scheme Senior Solicitor - Lead Case Manager Fire and General, discusses recent cases to the IFSO Scheme.

(This webinar runs 10.30-11.00am)

May 7

TOPIC: General Liability - back to basics

PRESENTER: Ian Thompson - Vero Liability

Following on from the Duty of Disclosure seminar focusing on Public Liability, we expand upon the basic information that should be provided to insurers to ensure that the liability policies reflect the correct insured name, business description, limit of indemnity and territory and jurisdiction.

May 8

TOPIC: PARAMETRIC INSURANCE – A new option for disaster insurance in New Zealand

PRESENTER: Paul Barton - Bounce

Today we are seeing an unprecedented hardening in the traditional insurance industry with reduced capacity and increasing premiums combined with the added pressure of ongoing severe weather-related events. Now is the time to think differently about insurance solutions.

May 14

TOPIC: Business interruption natural disaster claims and issues

PRESENTER: Mark Anderson - Commercial Loss Management

In one hour we share some of the actual issues we experience and how we resolve differences to get to a fair claim settlement.

May 15

TOPIC: Liability run-off

PRESENTER: Ellie Harrison - Wynn Williams

This session will cover off what "run off" insurance cover means, what does it cover, why is it useful, and how long does it run.

May 16

TOPIC: Negotiation skills workshop series - Part 3

PRESENTER: Trevor Slater - Dispute Resolution Practitioner

In this three-part masterclass, attendees will explore the skills of a good negotiator and how these skills can be applied in providing financial advice as an insurance broker. 

May 22

TOPIC: Professional indemnity

PRESENTER: John Moore - Delta

This session will discuss which businesses need professional indemnity coverage and how it fits with other liability coverages. We also examine the risks and policy coverage offered to different professionals as well as recent claims examples. 

May 28

TOPIC: Private motor vehicle insurance issues*

PRESENTER: Claire Benjamin & Andrew Gunn - IFSO

The IFSO Scheme public webpages on motor vehicle insurance issues gets more views than any other topic.  Understanding
motor vehicle insurance policies and what is covered are not always that well understood, and the adviser is central in helping clients. Claire Benjamin IFSO Scheme Senior Solicitor - Lead Case Manager Fire and General discusses recent cases to the IFSO Scheme.

(This webinar runs 10.30 - 11.00am)

June 5

TOPIC: Introduction to the world of underwriting agencies

Underwriting agencies are increasing in numbers and size. In this session we will explore what UW agencies are, their unique value proposition, and how they aspire to change NZ’s insurance landscape.

June 6

TOPIC: Selfcare in hard times

PRESENTER: Roydon Gibbs - Skillset New Zealand

Stressed? In this presentation you will discover practical and proven ways to take care of your wellbeing, stay motivated, and find satisfaction in your work, even in hard times.

June 12

TOPIC: Gross Profit: Don't get it wrong (calculating business interruption sums insured)

PRESENTER: Mark Anderson - Commercial Loss Management

This session will cover the importance of gross profit when putting a business interruption programme together.

June 18

TOPIC: Indemnity – demystifying the process 

PRESENTER: Chris Shannon & Sean McIntyre - Duncan Cotterill

It can be an uncertain time for any client when their insurer tells them that they have instructed an independent law firm to provide indemnity advice before confirming insurance cover. In this short presentation, Chris Shannon and Sean McIntyre of Duncan Cotterill will demystify the process and explain some of the key issues to consider, and what insurance brokers can do to help their clients.

June 25

TOPIC: Adviser value, pre claims and claims assistance - Getting it right*


Clients often expect advisers to assist them with their insurance claims, often mistaking the role of the adviser, insurance broking company and the insurer.  These misunderstandings can lead to incorrect expectations of the adviser, the adviser over-reaching within their role, or withdrawing from assisting the customer with their claim, and the customer being disappointed and complaining to the adviser and their service.

(This webinar runs 10.30 - 11.00am)

March 2024

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