Kiwi underwriting agency Delta Insurance Group has hired Kent Chaplin, a former senior executive at Lloyd’s of London, as its chief operating officer.

Chaplin is a former chief executive and regional head for Lloyd’s in Asia-Pacific, and has sat on the firm’s advisory board since 2019. 

Delta Group managing director Ian Pollard says the decision to create a COO role came as the company reviewed its long-term strategy and the future of the insurance sector.

“Last year, we saw very positive growth for Delta here – almost 25% - and double that in the Asia-Pacific region, despite the impact of COVID-19,” he says. “That growth has encouraged us to significantly broaden our footprint in Asia-Pacific and beyond – becoming more global in our outlook.”

Pollard says the appointment signals the insurer’s ambitions to grow its international footprint.

 “When we looked at the long-term directions and needs of the business on the global stage, what he offered was a perfect fit. We see his appointment in this more direct, full-time role as a key to taking us to that next level and we’re thrilled to have him on the team.”

 “In particular, he brings a familiarity with the global insurance world and culture – regulatory, technical and claims knowledge – from his time with Lloyd’s that will be invaluable to Delta as we grow. We feel a bit like a football team that has signed a marquee player who will help us reach the Premier League.”

 Chaplin adds: “We share a view on the vast opportunities for the industry and a desire to provide industry leadership in a complex and risky world where the pandemic is one of many challenges and where the continued protection of customers is paramount. 

“We also share a passion for specialist insurance, such as the niche products and services Delta has become well-known for, as well as a heritage for those products, which were, in many cases, founded by Lloyd’s.”

 Chaplin believes there are three main challenges facing the industry.

“How to remain relevant to society in a rapidly changing risk and regulatory environment; how to ensure our products are fit-for-purpose for customers and optimise customer outcomes when requirements often change unpredictably; and how to embrace the global technology revolution to ensure the business is easy to access, responsive and efficient.”

March 2021

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