ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is a collective term for the various technological enhancements present in many modern vehicles. 

These technologies aim to enhance both driver and vehicle safety. Often Advanced Driver Assistance Systems form part of modern windscreens. As a result, ADAS systems that use the forward-facing cameras connected to the windscreen often need to be recalibrated after a windscreen replacement. 

These computerised systems work with sensors and cameras to calculate the distance from other cars, objects and people. Using this technology, vehicles can warn drivers if they’re drifting across lanes, automatically slow down if they’re getting too close to another vehicle and even apply the emergency break if something or someone is suddenly in their path.

Why is windscreen camera calibration necessary?

Cameras are a key sensor for ADAS functionality and are usually mounted on or near to the windscreen, while the camera looks at the road ahead. 

1. The forward facing camera feeds data on the position of objects and markings in front of the car to the ADAS system. 

2. Using the data from the camera the ADAS software identifies white lines and objects and predicts where the front and centre line or the car is, relative to its environment.

3. If the position of the camera is moved during a windscreen replacement, then the calculation of the vehicle position will result in an incorrect function of the ADAS system. 

4. For example, if the camera pitch is wrong then the car will wrongly predict the distance to an object in front. 

5. If the yaw of camera is changed then the vehicle will wrongly predict where the centre line of the vehicle is, in relation to the road therefore affecting the onboard Lane Departure Warning system. 

Following manufacturers recommendations

Vehicle manufacturers often recommend that, following a windscreen replacement, the ADAS system is calibrated to ensure that the camera's line of sight is working as it should. At Smith&Smith®, ensuring safety on the road is of paramount importance, meaning that the vehicle manufacturers’ assertion that a calibration is mandatory cannot be ignored.  We recognise the growing need within the New Zealand market and the importance of safety when replacing ADAS enabled windscreens.  Smith&Smith® has partnered with Bosch, a leader in the automotive industry and a manufacturer of calibration tools, to offer ADAS recalibration services.

Interested in learning more?

If you are interested in learning more about our ADAS recalibration services or attending a demo to see a recalibration in action, contact us on nzsalesteam@smithandsmith.co.nz 

December 2018