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We have a situation where we insured a car repair workshop. He only took MD cover with one insurer and added cover for 2 D plates and additional premium paid. Liability cover is with another insurer.

Our client had dealer’s vehicle at his workshop for WOF. His employee was driving it with D Plate when some hit the vehicle. Liability is disputed as the third-party says it is our client's fault and our client says it is the third-party’s fault.

We lodged a claim with our insurer, who charged premium for D Plate. They say there is no cover for MV under the policy.  Can someone clearly explain what D Plate insurance cover offers as per standard insurance practice.


Businesses involved in the sale, manufacturing, repair and maintenance of vehicles often need to move vehicles when they are unregistered. These businesses can apply to use trade plates. Commonly referred to as "D" (dealer) plates or "X' plates (due to current series of trade plates contain an X in rego number).

If a "D" plate is noted & insured under a CMV policy then cover would apply same as any other vehicle insured under that policy subject to any T&C's.

December 2018

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